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Beta presents the new 2017 Evo Trial model range, which represents a continued evolvement from the 2016 model, affirming its position as market leader in the industry, thereby repeating history for the Tuscan manufacturer. 
The engineers of the Tuscan manufacturer have carried out intensive development to the entire range and refined the Evo models from a technical and functional perspective that are more powerful, intuitive and yet still fun to ride. Highlighting the 2017 line up is no doubt the now-famous Evo engine, which for 2017 is available in 125/200/250/300 2 stroke and 250/300 4 stroke. 
Even more big news is the introduction of the all-new 2-stroke Evo 300 SS, where “SS” stands for “Super Smooth”, this new Trial model offers amateur riders a softer power delivery and while equally fun as the standard 300 model, it has been designed for those intimidated by the more powerful 300 models available. The Evo 300 SS is sure to grab the attention of riders across all continents.
The engines remain the pride of the Evo model range, being easy to ride and offering amazing dependability as their two most distinctive features. Beta’s team of engineers continue to add many upgrades over last year’s model including:

Common features in 125/250/300 2 stroke engines

  • New crankshaft seals: greatly reduce friction between the crankshaft and the oil seal.
  • New ignition coil: The increased output from the new coil reduces emissions while also provides more stable carburetion which in turn improves throttle response thereby making it easier to ride and control the motorcycle.
  • New control unit (CDI): This new dual spark system also improves carburetion while significantly improving the balance of the fuel delivery, which results in more linear power delivery while also providing more bottom end power.
  • New voltage regulator: increases power output to the cooling fan allowing the engine to operate at a lower temperature.
  • Improved curve of the spark advance. To further enhance the engine’s power delivery.
  • New spark plug with iridium central electrode to improve performance.



BYOB Offering. (Build Your Own Beta)


B.Y.O.B banner


Beta recognizes that not all riders have the same needs. Their BYOB program is designed for riders that want a bike built for them! We have created a custom build program that allows the Beta owner to build his or her new ride the way it should be . . . for them!


Contact Competition Wheels and Cycles, Inc. to start your process of Building Your Own Beta.

After your Beta has been ordered, you will be contacted by a BYOB specialists at Beta USA to make sure all of the final details of the build are addressed. They will put you in touch with us to arrange shipment.

As an appreciation for your BYOB order, Beta USA will ship you a Beta complimentary hydration pack as soon as your deposit has been received at no charge!



Beta Trials Line-up and Specifications for 2017


MiniTrial 16 Electrid Mini_20_Electric Minitial_20_XL_electric
Minitrial 16 Electric Minitrial 20 Electric Minitrial 20 XL Electric
EVO 80 JR Evo 80 SR Evo 125
evo 80 jr evo 80 sr evo 125
EVO_200_icon Evo 250 EVO 250 4-stroke
evo 200 evo 250 EVO 250 4-stroke
EVO 300 EVO 300 4-stroke EVO 125 Factory
evo 300 evo 300 4-stroke evo 125 factory edition
EVO 250 Factory EVO 300 Factory EVO 300 Factory 4-stroke
evo 250 factory edition Engine evo 300 factory edition evo 300 factory edition 4 stroke









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